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Taking Genesis Literally by “Does God Exist?” Ministry

Taking Genesis Literally by “Does God Exist?” Ministry

March 17, 2016 4:39 amComments are Disabled

When the topic of science and Christianity are discussed together there is often a lot of emotion.  This is especially true with the age of the earth.  I want to be clear that I believe that God created heaven and earth.  Now, I am not going to fight you on if it has been around billions of years or 10,000 years.  I do intend to recommend resources that discuss the topic both ways as long as they are God centered.

The first one that I really love is Does God Exist

John Clayton was an atheist and loves physics.  He puts out a bi-monthly publication where he discusses evidence of God.  He would be my go to for my atheistic friends as he has lots of resources for them.  His most recent publication deals with the age of the earth and dissects the first chapter of Genesis.  If you are interested in the Christian perspective of “Old Earth” (the world is billions of years old) I highly recommend you check it out.  You can view the article here.DGE image

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